Beagle Mixes..Not so much!

Life with pets has been an interesting journey recently. Since 2009 we had two miniature dachshunds, Daisy, a smooth black and tan, and Bella, a smooth red, who were sisters. Dachshunds are spunky, smart, and loving little dogs, who are very faithful to their family members.Our two dachshunds weighed around 12 pounds each--perfect size for traveling just about anywhere. And they traveled to Florida with us on many occasions. They loved to burrow under blankets and snuggle up on your lap. Their cuteness could fool you though. Bella was the "cute guard dog." No one got next to her family members without her approval. She was tiny but fierce. Sadly, we lost Bella unexpectedly in January 2019. Bella had an enlarged heart that we didn't know about. It took a while before we could even think about getting another dog as a companion for Daisy.

Bella had been a rescue dog in a sense because she was given to us from a family that decided a puppy was too much work for them to deal with. Six months after losing Bella we decided to adopt a puppy or dog from a rescue shelter. In mid July I came across some "beagle mixes" at a rescue near our home. Even though they were a larger breed, I didn't think 25 or 30 lbs would be too big--and I didn't want a "big dog" with Daisy being so small. So we decided to visit the shelter and see the puppies.

As the story goes--when you see puppies--you might end up with more than one--and we did end up adopting 2 puppies. The person caring for the dogs assured us over and over the dogs would only be 20-25 lbs as an adult. She was sure they were beagle mixes.

Ummm....well that wasn't exactly true. And no blame to the rescue shelter as how could they possibly know the exact breeds of puppies they are given to care for until they find their furever home?

Long story shortened here a bit.... Max and Ellie the "beagle mixes" are now approximately 70 lbs each 👀 and will be a year old on April 26, 2020. We did the DNA testing on each of them, and well, no beagle came up as a dominant factor if at all. Are you wondering what breeds make them Max and Ellie? Let me tell you a few...Treeing Walker Coonhound, Rottweiler, Lab, Rat Terrier, Chinese Shar-pei. Yep, not a small dog in the mix!

So we adjusted to the BIG goofy dog life. The juveniles--is what we called them as they grew due to their juvenile behavior! And goofy they are---smart, funny, exhausting at times, but lovable fur friends that can make you smile no matter what the day has been like. Oh, and how is Daisy doing with the new siblings? She is still the queen of the house and doesn't take anything from either of her big siblings. She rules!

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