In my last post I focused on our appreciation of doctors, nurses, and first responders who are putting themselves in harms way to save the lives of others who have contracted the coronavirus. They are the light in the darkness for us--they give us hope, they are like healthcare soldiers fighting a war.

I ended my post hoping that we all could find a way to be a light in their life--a way of giving back to them for their bravery and selflessness. In fact, many people across our country were already looking for ways to be their light in the darkness too. If you search on the internet or watch the local news chances are you will see some of these heartwarming stories of giving back to our first responders and healthcare workers. It is so amazing--from special grocery times for their shopping, to fully cooked meals and more, companies donating masks and other protective gear. So many Americans using their abilities to help one another. American is coming together like we haven't seen in a long, long time. ❤

Are you still wondering how you can give back? You can pray for them. Pray that they are given the strength to persevere and that they are kept safe while they bravely care for us. Caring for one another can help ease the stress and fear of the unknown. Let's keep working together. Don't quit!

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